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Area Code Map For The State of Idaho

Idaho is a state in the Pacific Northwest region of the United States of America. As of 2005, Idaho has an estimated population of 1,429,096, which is an increase of 33,956, or 2.4%, from the prior year and an increase of 135,140, or 10.4%, since the year 2000.

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Idaho's Top 15 Cities by Population

Area Codes: 208

Aberdeen, ID, Bingham County
Ahsahka, ID, Clearwater County
Albion, ID, Cassia County
Almo, ID, Cassia County
Alta, WY Teton County
American Falls, ID, Power County
Arbon, ID, Power County
Arco, ID, Butte County
Arimo, ID, Bannock County
Ashton, ID, Fremont County
Athol, ID, Kootenai County
Atlanta, ID, Elmore County
Atomic City, ID, Bingham County
Avery, ID, Shoshone County
Bancroft, ID, Caribou County
Banks, ID, Boise County
Basalt, ID, Bingham County
Bayview, ID, Kootenai County
Bellevue, ID, Blaine County
Bern, ID, Bear Lake County
Blackfoot, ID, Bingham County
Blanchard, ID, Bonner County
Bliss, ID, Gooding County
Bloomington, ID, Bear Lake County
Boise, ID, Ada County
Bonners Ferry, ID, Boundary County
Bovill, ID, Latah County
Bruneau, ID, Owyhee County
Buhl, ID, Twin Falls County
Burley, ID, Cassia County
Calder, ID, Shoshone County
Caldwell, ID, Canyon County
Cambridge, ID, Washington County
Carey, ID, Blaine County
Careywood, ID, Bonner County
Carmen, ID, Lemhi County
Cascade, ID, Valley County
Castleford, ID, Twin Falls County
Cataldo, ID, Kootenai County
Challis, ID, Custer County
Chester, ID, Fremont County
Clark Fork, ID, Bonner County
Clarkia, ID, Shoshone County
Clayton, ID, Custer County
Clifton, ID, Franklin County
Cobalt, ID, Lemhi County
Cocolalla, ID, Bonner County
Coeur D Alene, ID, Kootenai County
Colburn, ID, Bonner County
Conda, ID, Caribou County
Coolin, ID, Bonner County
Corral, ID, Camas County
Cottonwood, ID, Idaho County
Council, ID, Adams County
Craigmont, ID, Lewis County
Culdesac, ID, Nez Perce County
Dayton, ID, Franklin County
Deary, ID, Latah County
Declo, ID, Cassia County
Desmet, ID, Benewah County
Dietrich, ID, Lincoln County
Dingle, ID, Bear Lake County
Donnelly, ID, Valley County
Dover, ID, Bonner County
Downey, ID, Bannock County
Driggs, ID, Teton County
Dubois, ID, Clark County
Eagle, ID, Ada County
Eastport, ID, Boundary County
Eden, ID, Jerome County
Elk City, ID, Idaho County
Elk River, ID, Clearwater County
Ellis, ID, Custer County
Emmett, ID, Gem County
Fairfield, ID, Camas County
Felt, ID, Teton County
Fenn, ID, Idaho County
Ferdinand, ID, Idaho County
Fernwood, ID, Benewah County
Filer, ID, Twin Falls County
Firth, ID, Bingham County
Fish Haven, ID, Bear Lake County
Fort Hall, ID, Bingham County
Franklin, ID, Franklin County
Fruitland, ID, Payette County
Garden City, ID, Ada County
Garden Valley, ID, Boise County
Genesee, ID, Latah County
Geneva, ID, Bear Lake County
Georgetown, ID, Bear Lake County
Gibbonsville, ID, Lemhi County
Glenns Ferry, ID, Elmore County
Gooding, ID, Gooding County
Grace, ID, Caribou County
Grand View, ID, Owyhee County
Grangeville, ID, Idaho County
Greencreek, ID, Idaho County
Greenleaf, ID, Canyon County
Hagerman, ID, Gooding County
Hailey, ID, Blaine County
Hamer, ID, Jefferson County
Hammett, ID, Elmore County
Hansen, ID, Twin Falls County
Harrison, ID, Kootenai County
Harvard, ID, Latah County
Hayden, ID, Kootenai County
Hazelton, ID, Jerome County
Heyburn, ID, Minidoka County
Hill City, ID, Camas County
Holbrook, ID, Oneida County
Homedale, ID, Owyhee County
Hope, ID, Bonner County
Horseshoe Bend, ID, Boise County
Howe, ID, Butte County
Huston, ID, Canyon County
Idaho City, ID, Boise County
Idaho Falls, ID, Bonneville County
Indian Valley, ID, Adams County
Inkom, ID, Bannock County
Iona, ID, Bonneville County
Irwin, ID, Bonneville County
Island Park, ID, Fremont County
Jerome, ID, Jerome County
Juliaetta, ID, Latah County
Kamiah, ID, Lewis County
Kellogg, ID, Shoshone County
Kendrick, ID, Latah County
Ketchum, ID, Blaine County
Kimberly, ID, Twin Falls County
King Hill, ID, Elmore County
Kingston, ID, Shoshone County
Kooskia, ID, Idaho County
Kootenai, ID, Bonner County
Kuna, ID, Ada County
Laclede, ID, Bonner County
Lake Fork, ID, Valley County
Lapwai, ID, Nez Perce County
Lava Hot Springs, ID, Bannock County
Leadore, ID, Lemhi County
Lemhi, ID, Lemhi County
Lenore, ID, Clearwater County
Letha, ID, Gem County
Lewiston, ID, Nez Perce County
Lewisville, ID, Jefferson County
Lowman, ID, Boise County
Lucile, ID, Idaho County
Mackay, ID, Custer County
Macks Inn, ID, Fremont County
Malad City, ID, Oneida County
Malta, ID, Cassia County
Marsing, ID, Owyhee County
May, ID, Lemhi County
McCall, ID, Valley County
McCammon, ID, Bannock County
Medimont, ID, Kootenai County
Melba, ID, Canyon County
Menan, ID, Jefferson County
Meridian, ID, Ada County
Mesa, ID, Adams County
Middleton, ID, Canyon County
Midvale, ID, Washington County
Minidoka, ID, Minidoka County
Monteview, ID, Jefferson County
Montpelier, ID, Bear Lake County
Moore, ID, Butte County
Moreland, ID, Bingham County
Moscow, ID, Latah County
Mountain Home Afb, ID, Elmore County
Mountain Home, ID, Elmore County
Moyie Springs, ID, Boundary County
Mullan, ID, Shoshone County
Murphy, ID, Owyhee County
Murray, ID, Shoshone County
Murtaugh, ID, Twin Falls County
Nampa, ID, Canyon County
Naples, ID, Boundary County
New Meadows, ID, Adams County
New Plymouth, ID, Payette County
Newdale, ID, Fremont County
Nezperce, ID, Lewis County
Nordman, ID, Bonner County
North Fork, ID, Lemhi County
Notus, ID, Canyon County
Oakley, ID, Cassia County
Ola, ID, Gem County
Oldtown, ID, Bonner County
Orofino, ID, Clearwater County
Osburn, ID, Shoshone County
Paris, ID, Bear Lake County
Parker, ID, Fremont County
Parma, ID, Canyon County
Paul, ID, Minidoka County
Payette, ID, Payette County
Peck, ID, Nez Perce County
Picabo, ID, Blaine County
Pierce, ID, Clearwater County
Pinehurst, ID, Shoshone County
Pingree, ID, Bingham County
Placerville, ID, Boise County
Plummer, ID, Benewah County
Pocatello, ID, Bannock County
Pollock, ID, Idaho County
Ponderay, ID, Bonner County
Porthill, ID, Boundary County
Post Falls, ID, Kootenai County
Potlatch, ID, Latah County
Preston, ID, Franklin County
Priest River, ID, Bonner County
Princeton, ID, Latah County
Rathdrum, ID, Kootenai County
Reubens, ID, Lewis County
Rexburg, ID, Madison County
Richfield, ID, Lincoln County
Rigby, ID, Jefferson County
Riggins, ID, Idaho County
Ririe, ID, Jefferson County
Roberts, ID, Jefferson County
Rockland, ID, Power County
Rogerson, ID, Twin Falls County
Rupert, ID, Minidoka County
Sagle, ID, Bonner County
Saint Anthony, ID, Fremont County
Saint Charles, ID, Bear Lake County
Saint Maries, ID, Benewah County
Salmon, ID, Lemhi County
Sandpoint, ID, Bonner County
Santa, ID, Benewah County
Shelley, ID, Bingham County
Shoshone, ID, Lincoln County
Shoup, ID, Lemhi County
Silverton, ID, Shoshone County
Smelterville, ID, Shoshone County
Soda Springs, ID, Caribou County
Spencer, ID, Clark County
Spirit Lake, ID, Kootenai County
Springfield, ID, Bingham County
Stanley, ID, Custer County
Star, ID, Ada County
Stites, ID, Idaho County
Sugar City, ID, Madison County
Sun Valley, ID, Blaine County
Swan Valley, ID, Bonneville County
Swanlake, ID, Bannock County
Sweet, ID, Gem County
Tendoy, ID, Lemhi County
Tensed, ID, Benewah County
Terreton, ID, Jefferson County
Teton, ID, Fremont County
Tetonia, ID, Teton County
Thatcher, ID, Franklin County
Troy, ID, Latah County
Twin Falls, ID, Twin Falls County
Ucon, ID, Bonneville County
Victor, ID, Teton County
Viola, ID, Latah County
Wallace, ID, Shoshone County
Warren, ID, Idaho County
Wayan, ID, Caribou County
Weippe, ID, Clearwater County
Weiser, ID, Washington County
Wendell, ID, Gooding County
Weston, ID, Franklin County
White Bird, ID, Idaho County
Wilder, ID, Canyon County
Winchester, ID, Lewis County
Worley, ID, Kootenai County
Yellow Pine, ID, Valley County

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